Debit Card Invoice Payment



To allow any service where payment of any kind was required, the customer could do so at Light itself, without having to go to a collecting agent and return to the company to continue their service request.


Creation of an interconnected business automation solution or Light Billing, SAP (CCS / CRM), with an electronic payment transaction system, with the value of the account being debited directly to the customer's checking account with a receiving Company or amount paid in D + 1. The solution should also lower payments on the Light system and provide clients with a proof of citation.


The volume of bills paid at Light branches accounts for 80% of the volume of payments through consolidated alternative channels such as drugstores and supermarkets, whose capillarity is much higher than 26 collection points. The commercial automation system that was developed by Sys Manager is a complete integration solution with Cielo, which, being platform independent, enables integration with any type of system, making it unique in the market.

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