Business Portal



Globosat identified that its means of product advertising and marketing were technologically outdated and lacking information integration between the areas and needed to be constantly fed back. There was a desire to improve the presentation of their products to the advertising market, seeking solutions to support the commercial and marketing team, with the expectation of promoting the retention and adhesion of new customers, increasingly demanding regarding self-service processes, ease of use. and mobility in everyday work.


Sys Manager was hired to create the Commercial Portal to provide Globosat channels and programs to its clients and advertising agencies. The goal was to promote marketable parts, ensuring that information is available intuitively, with design adaptable to various devices and screen sizes, usability and modern design. To promote security, ease of administration and management of content in the Cloud, we used the SharePoint Online platform with dynamic updates on Microsoft Azure Web Sites, built on .NET Core, Angular and Azure Blob Storaged technology. The integrations were conceived through customized components, based on micro services, through which the Portal provides the channel programming grid, types of part formats sold, parts production data and other information that complement the entire marketing process.


The exposure of formal and simple information allows a greater understanding of the trading options available in Globosat, minimizing the need for interaction and service by the internal team, freeing professionals to perform the activities of their respective sectors. As a result of the strategic point of view, the solution was able to meet the automatic form with high level of satisfaction, from program identification to parts production procedures for display in public space. The Commercial Portal has become a reference in Globosat project with technology solution architecture adhering to the best practices and business objectives effectively achieved.

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