We are a company that transforms, potentialize and realize successful business

In the Information Technology market for over 20 years, Sys Manager is known to support large companies across various industries to achieve their goals, from Project development, bodyshop, consulting and support.

We are a company that transforms, potentialize and realize successful business

Presente no mercado há mais de 20 anos com atuação em Tecnologia da Informação somos reconhecidos por apoiar empresas de grande porte de diversos setores da economia a atingirem seus objetivos de negócio, seja como desenvolvimento de software, alocação dedicada, consultoria especializada ou sustentação tecnológica.

Integrating people, processes, and products generating superior value for our customers and employees, in an innovative ecosystem that fosters continuous learning and growth.
To be a global reference in systems integration and product creation, with excellence in innovation and cutting-edge technology, to serve large corporations in different sectors, with engaged and qualified employees.
We act with integrity, resilience, transparency, ethics, commitment, and engagement, enhancing the capabilities of our customers with a relationship of trust and respect.


The history of Sys Manager is linked to digital evolution.

Our history has advanced along with the evolution of digital media
Fundada em 1996, a Sys Manager começou a operar na era da Internet e despertou a atenção nas grandes empresas, que observaram seu potencial como consultoria em novas tecnologias.

In 1999, with the experience gained and mastery of cutting-edge technologies, he created high-value solutions for the telecommunications and energy sectors.

With the expansion of its activities in the market in large companies, Sys Manager specialized in the area of Business Intelligence and Systems Integration. In 2009, we carried out significant projects and the group expanded its operations in important companies in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, implementing the Software Factory model that currently evolved into service towers.

We are always innovating and contributing to the evolution of the technological landscape, acting proactively, anticipating trends and partnering with large companies to increasingly add value to our services.


Sys Manager creative professionals are experienced and versatile.

Sys Manager has an excellent working environment, contains employees who form a highly qualified multidisciplinary team and is allied with strategic partners, being certified to perform services that demand high performance, safety and quality.

We produce innovative and customized solutions quickly and use Application Management Services (AMS) to manage our Customers' Business Application Lifecycle, supporting and promoting the continuous evolution of applications across multiple platforms.

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