WBW new developing library Folkwang. Competitors.

Client / client: Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb NRW, Duisburg Realization: 2006 Process: Competitors.

Urban development: The new developing complements the historical monastery ensemble and hence clearly relates towards the listed context. The style has the paraphrase site cour d? Honneur in its geometry by completing the edge on the square given by the administration wing and continuing it as a space delimitation inside. The courtyard is hence the guiding principle for the constructing design and style without the need of restricting the independent architectural and design and style language. In the similar time, the alignment of the constructing edges on the courtyard http://www.brown.edu/Departments/Engineering/Organizations/fsae/ level enables the view towards the adjoining open space among the auditorium plus the cafeteria. By layering the structure, the design and style reacts to the urban limits in the monastery complex, orientates the library towards the residence and thus clearly assigns the new constructing towards the historical ensemble. The importance with the library is emphasized by the cantilevered upper floor. The generous glazing on the reading room, the “window for the courtyard”, corresponds using the other buildings. A gate scenario is produced amongst the library along with the administration wing, which leads in the square in front on the cafeteria to the cour d? Honneur. The new creating closes the edge of your courtyard to Klemensborn and also the space in front from the cafeteria is specified.

Creating concept: The developing is entered from the cour d? Honneur and is divided www.paraphrasingserviceuk.com into 3 floors. The courtyard as well as the upper floor form the creating which is perceptible from the cour d? Honneur. Right here, intermediate levels and galleries are inserted in sub-areas, which divide the volume in the principal floors into zones of different spatial effects and excellent of experience. The overlapping geometries in the ceilings build exciting visual relationships. University and library use are accessed separately and can thus be operated independently of a single one more: The seminar rooms around the basement floor plus the professors’ offices on the gallery level of the courtyard floor are connected through a separate staircase. Access towards the library with reception, distribution counter and media area is on the courtyard level. Further central functions are arranged there on a gallery and are connected through the spacious staircase.

Material: The facade with the library is intended as a directional cladding made of metal. Further elements like the street-side wall on the basement as well as the frame on the creating access are planned in all-natural stone. Subordinate area closures are produced of glass of distinctive transparency. Set bodies like the elevator as well as the archive are highlighted by contrasting wood coverings.

Outdoor facilities: The cour d? Honneur square is going to be restored to its original size. The historical paving will likely be supplemented plus the topography of your constructing access will be adapted for the requirements. In contrast, the adjacent open space among the auditorium along with the cafeteria is greened. In this way, the differentiated identities with the distinct courtyard locations from the monastery are worked out and strengthened. The wall adjacent towards the gate constructing are going to be closed, thereby strengthening the significance on the gate developing.

WBW new building library Folkwang Monday, September 25, 2006 Dorothee Egger.

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